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The Podcast

Apr 23, 2021

A new Series A that’s bringing jobs to the area soon(a), paying it forward by helping a new generation of entrepreneurs, and discussion of the verdict that finally brings some accountability. This is the news in Minnesota tech and startup for the week of Friday, April 23.

Featured Interviews:

Liz Giorgi, CEO and Co-founder of soona

soona Secures $10.2 Million in Series A Funding

Mary Grove (Managing Partner - Bread and Butter Ventures, Co-founder and Executive Director - Silicon North Stars) and Damola Ogundipe (CEO - Civic Eagle, Board Member - Silicon North Stars)

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gBETA Greater MN St. Cloud Announces Spring 2021 Cohort

Nanodropper, Inc. Secures $1.4 Million in Seed Round Funding

gBETA Medtech Announces Lineup for Spring 2021 Cohort