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The Podcast

Oct 15, 2019

On Episode 7 Kevin McArdle, owner of SureSwift Capital and Jac Stark, community manager of Tech.MN welcome Thompson Aderinkomi, founder of Nice Healthcare, on The Tech.MN Podcast to talk about his collection of mistakes and where they've landed him. Bonus: He throws out an Aragron reference for the LOTR fans out there.

Thompson takes us on his journey through starting new companies and what he's learned including market timing, value propositions, and market segments. His story is the healthcare version of an action feature film complete with many quotable moments.

As Thompson shares his timeline with us it becomes more and more clear that his story is just beginning with the launch of Nice Healthcare from a stronger position. We chat about his obsession with company culture, the support of the MN tech and startup community, and where the name 'Nice Healthcare' comes from.

Hype Time
Every episode we ask our guest to name drop someone doing cool things in the tech community. Thompson gives a shout out to Zack Steven of Cloudburst

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Nice Healthcare – Thompson’s most recent startup
Indie.VC is a 12 month program designed to fund and support founders on a path to profitability.
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Mill City Laser – Shoutout to Thompson’s wife, Hannah’s, startup.