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The Podcast

Nov 5, 2019

On Episode 10 Kevin McArdle, owner of SureSwift Capital and Jac Stark, community manager of Tech.MN, welcome Josh Fedie, founder of SalesReach, on The Tech.MN Podcast to reminisce about Girbaud jeans and learn what a follow-on round is. Bonus: Josh wrote a jingle for the Tech.MN Podcast and debuts it on air with the help of Kevin and Jac.


Josh shares his journey of building a product from the baby steps of getting validation, to putting together a team, and raising money. We talk about the stress of being a founder and Josh's experience growing up in an entrepreneurial household. He shares (almost) all his secrets to selling with us and gets candid about the key to success in selling.


We explore Josh's strategy for for content and his podcast, The Founder's Mentality, and dive into the themes that have begun to arise from it including failure, the growth mindset, and dealing in stressful environments. 


Josh shares what he likes about the Minnesota tech and startup ecosystem, as well as what sucks. Get ready to take some notes!


Hype Time

Every episode we ask our guest to name drop someone doing cool things in the tech community. Josh gives a shout out to Clarence Bethea, founder of Upsie



Thank you to Redpath and Company CPAs. Redpath and Company is geared to best serve established or growing privately-held tech companies and their stakeholders. Visit Redpath’s website and find out how you can get your business to the next level.



Tech.MN on Twitter

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Jac Stark on Twitter

Josh Fedie on LinkedIn


SalesReach - Josh’s company focusing on true sales enablement.

Studio Americana - We give a shoutout to Studio Americana, where we record all of the Tech.MN podcasts

The Founder's Mentality - Josh’s podcast featuring interviews with startup founders. We chat about themes and call out a recent episode with Shalya Christine.

Invision - Josh mentions Invision, a prototyping tool. Find it here.