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The Podcast

Sep 27, 2019

On Episode 4, Kevin McArdle, owner of SureSwift Capital and Jac Stark, community manager of Tech.MN, welcome Neela Mollgaard, Executive Director of Launch MN, to The Tech.MN Podcast hotseat to chat about Launch MN and connecting Minnesota’s Innovation Ecosystem. 

We discuss the mission of Launch MN is to help innovation take off in Minnesota, bringing people together to affect change, her experience with Redwing Ignite and reaching outside of our bubble to make our community better (#wearestrongertogether). 

Neela explains Launch MN’s goal to provide opportunity, access, and exposure to companies and ecosystem builders, gives a tentative timeline of what is to come, and chats about some possible grants that they are considering.

Launch MN will debut their website on October 1, 2019. 

Hype Time

Every episode we ask our guest to name drop someone doing cool things in the tech community. Neela gives a shout out to three entrepreneurs:

Susan Langer of Live, Give, Save 

Beth Fynbo of Busy Baby

Michael Lopez of Halo Ramp 


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Redwing Ignite - Neela discusses the lessons she learned as executive director of Redwing Ignite.